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The knowledge you need to take your options trading from beginner to professional level.

Meet Your Instructor

Gary Norden has been a professional trader for over 30 years including several years in the trading pits of LIFFE and as a senior trader at some of the world’s largest investment banks. He is co-Director and fund manager at NN2 Capital, creator of The Norden Method and author of two books: “An End to the Bull” and “Technical Analysis Exposed”.

  • Learn from a (real) professional trader
  • Teacher with 30+ Years of experience
  • No retail industry bullsh*t
  • Actionable and “Skin in The Game” Insights

Options trading education from beginner to advanced Level

All Gary’s options trading knowledge, matured on decades of real “skin in the game” is condensed in these two well structured and comprehensive courses. You can start for free and then upgrade to advanced course at your own pace.


The free course starts right at the very beginning with explanations of calls and puts. Then it guides you through some of the most popular option strategies explaining both the theory and how they perform in the real world. The course also explains more intermediate level options such as the ‘Greeks’, Skew and term structure and how each of these affects the various strategies. There is also a module dedicated to explaining short selling options and debunking some common misconceptions about this strategy. There are also a number of quizzes to test your knowledge. In short, our free course is a comprehensive guide through both basic and intermediate options knowledge.

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The courses are in video format presented personally by Gary. The quizzes are text based questions and answers.

In the Advanced Course we delve further into the topic of Volatility and volatility related products such as the VIX. There is a lot of confusion and misinformation on this topic and Gary sets the record straight. Gary also explores OPEX and Gamma positioning and gain debunks some myths. Options trading can get particularly difficult at times of extremes such as extreme high volatility and our Advanced course explains will give you the information to navigate better through those times. Gary also gives some insight into how options professionals go about their trading.

Gary strongly believes that you cannot become a profitable options trader with a ‘one size fits most’ approach. Instead he teaches you to understand the risks and rewards of each strategy to help you select the right trade for the current market conditions.

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Trade Options like a Professional

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